LM Allhands 9/9/2021

Opening Ceremony

2021-2022 school year will begin on 9/12 at 10 a.m. The classes will be held at Richard Montgomery High School.  Videos of teachers’ introduction (https://youtu.be/U8Dqs7QwwzY) and special COVID-19 code of conduct (https://youtu.be/OdcLNCe-uG4) will be shown to all students in the classroom, also available below.

Becoming LMCA Volunteers

LMCA is a volunteer run school and needs anyone and everyone to help make it YOUR community!  Please spare just a little time to watch the video from our current volunteer team and see how you can help! https://youtu.be/9p03sUHvt8c.

LMCA COVID-19 Guidelines

LMCA follows the MCPS on school closure and any COVID-19 related guidelines.  For COVID-19 isolation and quarantine guidelines, you can find detailed information at MCPS COVID Guidelines 08-2021.  For social distancing, contact tracing and masks requirements, you can find detailed information at MCPS Reopening 2021 and CDC website Appendices CDC for additional information.

    • LMCA requires all parents/guardians to sign the COVID-19 waiver before their child(ren) return to school.  Please e-mail waiver back to the Room Parent.
    • All teachers, students and volunteers will be asked to complete a weekly health attestation form.
      Snack time for preschoolers is cancelled.  Face-coverings in school building and classroom are required regardless of vaccination status.
    • Please bring your own water bottle, and no food is allowed inside the school.
    • For additional COVID-related questions including pick-up and drop-off time, please see LMCA COVID-19 Q&A page.

If you missed the Information Meeting, the recording is available here. https://li-ming-org.zoom.us/rec/share/YgqqKIU-cmX92BiqfjFSahduF3f0bkOgcuzwbgtencVsahenBlJAUaobsMXJ_ylw.6qeeQoddwKQyJvFt
Passcode: .7+9Zf61

New Family Welcome & Orientation Zoom
New Family Welcome & Orientation Zoom will be a held online on Saturday, 9/18 at 10 am. Parents of new families should plan to attend. Current parents are also welcomed.


Li-Ming Parent Association (LMPA) provides a variety of additional services and social activities to support Li-Ming families. LMPA activities include breakfast sales, lunch orders, Teacher Appreciation Day gifts, Christmas party raffle, year-end BBQ/picnic, and directory printing. The cost of various activities are made possible and covered by LMPA dues. Due to COVID, LMPA will not collect membership dues this year because there will be no printed directory and no Christmas party; LMPA will still prepare gift cards for Teacher Appreciation Day in honor of Confucius. Parents are welcome to continue to support LPMA through donations.

All extracurricular activities are canceled for the Fall 2021 semester. We will re-evaluate the possibilities of restarting the extracurricular activities for Spring 2022.

Please verify your family information and make sure the email is correct for future communications from class and school. Please contact Wei-Han Liu at (703) 354-4515 or info@li-ming.org for any updates.

LMCA Awards of Service for Volunteers

2020-21 volunteers service awards – thanks for their services at LMCA for the past few years!


  • 9/12 Sunday
  • First day of class, Submit Summer Homework
  • 9/18 Saturday @ 10 a.m.
    New Family Welcome & Orientation Zoom
  • 10/3 Sunday
    Room Parents Meeting (online)



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