LM Allhands 2/9/2023

You can download the updated 2022-2023 Spring semester calendar.
Extracurricular Activity Updates

Spring 2023 extracurricular activities has officially begun on February 5. Please refer to the following link for the course types and class times of extracurricular activities: List of extracurricular activities

Parents and students who are interested in participating in extracurricular activities can click to download the extracurricular activity registration form and hand it over to the extracurricular activity counter with a check or cash.

Individuals or families who enroll in two or more extracurricular activities receive a $5 discount per course.

This semester has added a new handicraft class taught by Ms. Mao Yu. The first three classes will be held in the cafeteria, and the remaining eight classes will be held in the classroom.

Due to classroom relocation, the Chinese calligraphy class will be postponed until February 12th.

This semester has added a badminton self-practice period for parents. Interested parents can bring their own badminton rackets to participate.

Students who participate in student badminton must bring their own racket.

Parents and students who want to take part in extracurricular activities should sign up as soon as possible so that classes don’t get canceled because not enough people signed up. The registration deadline for extracurricular activities expires on February 12. The registration deadline for extracurricular activities expires on February 12.

WMACS 17th Youth Folk Sports Chinese YoYo Competition is coming! This year’s competition will be held at the Overseas Chinese Education Center on March 18. Please contact Kevin Chung, our Chinese YoYo coach, if you would like to join this event.

President’s Volunteer Service Award Guidelines 
Li-Ming middle and high school students now have the opportunity to earn the presidential volunteer service award. Please see the detail here.

Rho-Psi Scholarship Application 
2022 Rho Psi Society Scholarship Application is now open for interested Chinese youths residing in the Metropolitan Washington DC region. Please check www.RhoPsi.Org for details.

2023 Rho Psi Society Youth Leadership and Service Award
Applicant Qualification: Currently enrolled junior or senior in high school in the Greater Washington area
Application Deadline02/28/2023
2023 Rho Psi Society Youth Leadership and Service Award

Recruiting Volunteers
LMCA needs a few volunteers to assist with the following positions. If you are interested, please contact Principal Alice Wang at info@li-ming.org.

Facility Affair Division – Patrol Captain : Supervise student drop off traffic and campus safety

Facility Affair Division – Facility Coordinator : Coordinate the classroom usages with ICB

Curriculum & Instruction Division – Administrative Support: Need 2-3 volunteers to help set up & break down computers and projectors in classrooms.

Student Affair Division -Student volunteer coordinator

Curriculum & Instruction Division – Substitute Teacher

Curriculum & Instruction Division – Pinyin-Typing Teacher

Curriculum & Instruction Division – Cultural Arts & Crafts Teacher

Secretary Division – IT division– Webmaster

Secretary Division – IT division– All Hands Newsletter Editor

Other Activities
2023 WMACS Summer Camps
The WMACS is offering a week-long overnight summer camp from 7/22-7/29 at Notre Dame of Maryland University (located in Baltimore, MD). Classes include a combination of folk sports, chorus, folk dance, modern dance, Chinese brush painting, arts and crafts, etc. Registration will be open on 2/1. Click here for more details.

As of February 1st, 2023, registration is now open! Please use this link to complete the registration form (https://forms.gle/D4WCqSHXvMBzyMc29).

There are 3 waves for registration, so be sure to register early for the lowest price!
WAVE 1: 2/1/23 – 3/20/23 $695 Camper fee (TOTAL $745)*
WAVE 2: 3/21/23 – 5/15/23 $725 Camper fee (TOTAL $775)*
WAVE 3: 5/16/23 – 6/15/23 $750 Camper fee (TOTAL $800)*
*Registration fee: $50 per camper

Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC)/ Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)
1. 4/16, 2pm @ Lake Braddock
2. 4/30, 1:50pm @ Cabin John
詳情/Details: tocfl.edu.tw
報名/Registration: Link


  • 2/12 Sunday – School-wide Literacy Contest Information Session
  • 2/19 Sunday – Class as Usual, First Teachers’ Meeting
  • 2/26 Sunday School-wide Speech Contest (1st grade and up)
  • 3/5 Sunday Chinese AP Practice Test, 8-10th
  • 3/12 Sunday Beginning of Daylight Saving Time, forward 1 hour
  • 3/19 Sunday Class as Usual
  • 3/26 Sunday K Class Nursery Rhymes Recital, 1st thru 5th Grades Academic Competition
  • 4/2 Class as Usual
  • 4/9 Sunday Spring Break – No School
    (4/9 Easter Sunday; Montgomery County Schools Spring Break 4/3 – 4/10)



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