Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


I. 黎明精神

責 任 尊 重合 作

II. 出 席

1. 準時進教室上課。缺席、遲到、早退必須請假。

2. 按時交作業。上課帶齊文具及材料。

3. 尊重老師及同學。發言及行為有禮。

4. 不得私自離開校舍。


1. 不得奔跑,以策安全.

2. 除了在餐廳,不得飲食。

3. 不得動用公物,包括走廊裡的lockers和教室內任何物品。

4. 不得毀損公物,包括在桌椅或牆上寫字、刻畫。

IV. 場地使用規範

1. 請勿使用非本校租用之場地。

2. 進入體育館,請穿軟底鞋。

3. 請勿亂丟垃圾。

4. 如有任何異狀,請立即告知黎明服務台工作人員處理。


The Li-Ming Chinese Academy Code of Conduct

I. School Spirit


II. Attendance

1. Be prompt for classes. Let your teacher know if you are going to be absent, late or leave early.

2. Hand in homework on time. Bring all the class materials.

3. Respect your teachers and classmates. Speak and behave with courtesy.

4. Do not leave the school building without permission.

III. Ground Rules

1. For safety reasons, no running or jumping while in school.

2. No eating or drinking except in the cafeteria.

3. Do not touch school lockers and anything in the classrooms that does not belong to you.

4. Do not mark desks, chairs, walls or any other surfaces.

IV. Guidelines for Facility Usage

1. Please do not wander into unauthorized areas.

2. Only soft-soled shoes permitted in the gym.

3. No littering.

4. Report any incident to the LMCA service desk as soon as possible.

In addition to the above, LMCA also follows the students’ code of conduct published by the Montgomery County Public Schools.