Language Class General Information

Language Class General Information

. 入學:

. 招生:

1. 招生時間:每年三月至五月份接受新生登記,六月份公開招生。如學期中班級有名額,將在本校網站 公佈,經過語文程度鑑定後,轉學生可插班入學。

2. 招生對象:(為配合本校課程設計與學習,家中應具有華語文環境,父母並能輔導子女學習) 並於九月一日以前:

a. 滿三足歲且已完成如廁訓練,不需包尿布者可申請進入三歲小幼班。

b. 滿四足歲者,可申請進入大幼班。

c. 滿五足歲者,可申請進入注音班。

d. 小幼班招生以舊生之及齡弟妹及本校語文部及課外活動教師之及齡子女為優先。

3. 招生人數:每班學生人數以二十二人為限,但有兩項例外如下:

a. 語文部新進教師之子女。

b. 舊生經教師提出需要調整班級者。

. 註冊:

1. 舊生應在前一學期或學年結束前辦理註冊,逾期者將不保障名額。

2. 新生及轉學生註冊,請見註冊通知單之說明。

. 退學:

. 學生如無法適應本校教學環境,經再三輔導仍無法改善者,將由校方針對個案成立評估小組,決定處理(包括退學等)方式。

. 學期中任何時候均可辦理退學,但每位學生退費標準按下列規定:

1. 開學以前四週之前退學,扣減手續費$15.00,其餘全退。

2. 開學以前三週之內退學,扣減手續費$30.00,其餘全退。

3. 開學以後兩週之內退學,退百分之七十(70%)學雜費。

4. 開學以後三週之內退學,退百分之六十(60%)學雜費。

5. 開學以後三週之後退學,繳學期學費者恕不退費。

6. 繳學年學費者,至春季開學前退學,退一學期學雜費。

. 請假:

. 學生因事或因病不能出席,應由家長於上課前通知老師。並安排繳交作業及領取新作業及講義,於復課第二週補交缺交作業。

. 學生每學期缺席六週(十八堂課)以上者,應考慮辦理休學。

. 缺席學生或家長應主動跟老師聯絡補考事宜。若於復課兩週內未處理,該次缺考考試成績以零分計算。

. 畢業:

. 每年五月份辦理一次。

. 修畢本校十二班課程,經教師考核達到教學目標,且在美國學校為應屆畢業生或十一年級學生得在本校畢業,並由學校頒發畢業證書。

. 全勤:

. 全學期沒有缺席紀錄(每週均出席三堂課)視為全勤。

. 遲到、早退超過二十分鐘以上,該堂課算缺席。

. 凡有遲到、早退紀錄者,不得算全勤。

. 每學期於期末頒發一次全勤獎。

. 上、下兩學期均全勤者,頒發全年全勤獎。

I. Admission

A. Application:

1. New student applications are accepted from March to May and processed in June. Mid-year transfer student applications are considered based on space availability and student’s language ability. For detailed information, please visit

2. Eligibility: Parents should be able and willing to help students learn Chinese language and provide Mandarin environment at home; and

a. Children three years of age (born before September 1 of the year) who are toilet-trained are eligible to apply for the three-year-old preschool class.

b. Children four years of age (born before September 1 of the year) are eligible to apply for the four-year-old preschool class.

c. Children five years of age (born before September 1 of the year) are eligible to apply for the kindergarten class.

d. The siblings of current LMCA students and the children of LMCA language and extracurricular teachers have priority in admission to the three-year-old preschool class.

3. Class Size: maximum class size is 22. There are two exceptions:

a. The children of newly appointed LMCA language teachers, and

b. Current students who are recommended by their teachers to change class assignment.

B. Registration:

1. Current students are required to complete registration for the following semester or academic year before the end of the current semester; otherwise, the space will not be guaranteed.

2. The registration policy and procedure for new and transfer students can be found in the Registration Notices.

II. Withdrawal and Refund

A. After evaluation of student’s behavior and consultation with the parents, the school may determine whether the student should be withdrawn from LMCA.

B. Refund policy for each student:

1. Withdrawal within four weeks before the start of the semester: a $15.00 administration charge will be assessed.

2. Withdrawal within three weeks before the start of the semester: a $30.00 administration charge will be assessed.

3. Withdrawal by the second week of the semester: 70% of the total amount of tuition and fees paid will be refunded.

4. Withdrawal by the third week of the semester: 60% of the total amount of tuition and fees paid will be refunded.

5. No refund after the third week of the semester.

6. The spring semester’s tuition and fees will be refunded if a student is withdrawn before the start of the spring semester and the full-year tuition and fees have been paid.

III. Attendance and Absence

The importance of consistent attendance is stressed in Li-Ming. It is difficult to attain academic achievement with poor attendance.

A. Parents or legal guardians should notify teachers before class in the case where their children will be absent, late or need to be dismissed early. Students or their parents or guardians have the responsibility to inquire and make up class work regardless of the reason for the absence. Students should complete and turn in their missed class assignments in the following class.

B. Students with six weeks or more absences per semester may be requested to withdraw from school.

C. Students or their parents or guardians should contact the appropriate teacher to arrange for makeup of a missed test within two weeks upon return to class. Otherwise, the student will lose credit for the test they missed.

IV. Graduation

A. Graduation is conducted once per school year in May.

B. Students who have successfully completed the 12th grade curriculum offered by LMCA and who are seniors or juniors in their local high school will be awarded a diploma.

V. Full Attendance Award

A. A student who has never been absent from classes during a given semester will receive a full attendance award.

B. A student who is late or departs early for more than twenty minutes for a class will be recorded as absent for that class.

C. Late arrival and early departure will be recorded on the attendance report. Students with late arrival or early departure records will not be eligible for the full attendance award.

D. Full attendance awards are given to students at the end of each semester.

E. There is a “whole year full attendance award” for students who receive the full attendance award for both semesters in the school year.