LM Allhands 10/26/2017

{:tw}黎明週訊 10/26/2017{:}{:en}LM Allhands 10/26/2017{:}

Fire Drill this Sunday.  This Sunday is the last day to submit your LMPA annual fee without $5 late fee.  Please stop by LMPA desk and submit your LMPA fee.

Bring a partner and perform in Li-Ming’s December Holiday Party (to be held on 12/17)! Performers and other volunteer positions will be offered SSL hours! Please submit your performance ideas to Sandra Jeng at sandra.jeng@gmail.com.

Ms. Cindy Lee will need several high school students each Sunday to assist students with homework needs.  Each volunteered student will earn 1 SSL hour. Please check with SGA president, Justin Kuan, if your child is interested.

SGA had started used Chinese book sale last Sunday; please stop by SGA desk to purchase or continue donating any Chinese books, dictionaries, Chinese SAT books etc.

This Sunday, the SGA will hold the Annual Halloween Candy Guessing Game in the Cafeteria after school. Students from B3, P3, B4, P4, Bilingual Zhu-Yin, and Zhu-Yin who wear Halloween costumes on the stage will receive candy. Please contact Chien-An Wu at 240-912-5400 for details.

Annual Chinese calligraphy contest will be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday, 12/2/2017 at Culture Center. The deadline for registration is 11/24/2017. To register, please use the link: Registration Form


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