LM Allhands 11/29/2018

{:tw}黎明週訊 11/29/2018{:}{:en}LM Allhands 11/29/2018{:}

SGA will hold used Chinese book sale this Sunday (12/2); please stop by SGA desk to purchase or continue donating any Chinese books, dictionaries, Chinese SAT books etc.

LMPA has started holiday luncheon and pizza pre-orders through the online Google Forms. Please make payment (cash or credit card) during the school sessions on Sundays. If you have questions or would like to make a change to your order, please contact us at: liming.parentsassociation@gmail.com. The last day of pre-order will be 12/9.

Besides the prize donations from LMPA and school staff, we encourage families and volunteers donate the holiday party gifts for drawing. More gifts, the higher chance to win the prize! Good luck on winning the big prize!

Bring a partner and perform in Li-Ming’s December Holiday Party (to be held on 12/16)! Performers and student volunteers will be offered SSL hours and free raffle tickets! If interested in volunteering or if you have a performance idea, please reach out to Sandra Jeng at sandra.jeng@gmail.com. We are also looking for parent volunteers! Please sign up using SignUpGenius.

2019 Rho Psi Society Youth Leadership and Service Award application deadline is 3/21/2019. Please check this link for details.

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