LM Allhands 09/24/2020

{:tw}黎明週訊 09/24/2020{:}{:en}LM Allhands 09/24/2020{:}

Happy Teacher’s Day!

LMCA will not provide printed directories this year due to COVID-19. Room parents will ask you to update the student and family contact information.

Li-Ming depends on parent support and participation. Please take time to complete the survey.

If your child encounters technical difficulties during Chinese school, please contact your class technical support volunteer via the class social media application. If your problem remains, as the last resort you may email support@li-ming.org or text (240) 753-0535.

Language Class Academic Recital will begin on 11/8. Please check the schedules from this week’s Allhands below.

Chinese NESTA’s 13th annual Chinese Typing and Word Recognition Competition will be held virtually on Saturday October 24. Students will register and compete as individuals. The last day to register is October 14. Please check Competition Info.

Glorious October Trivia Competition, October 10 (Saturday), 12:45 PM ~ 2:30 PM, Kahoot online individual competition. Register by October 4. Please check Competition Info.

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