LM Allhands 09/17/2020

{:tw}黎明週訊 09/17/2020{:}{:en}LM Allhands 09/17/2020{:}

Last week we had a successful return to school! Thank you to our hardworking teachers, dedicated volunteers, and cooperative students and parents. Although we can only have class virtually this semester, we will still do our best to achieve the Li-Ming’s goal of improving the students’ Chinese language proficiency and cultural understanding. I have been a teacher and a board of trustee member at Li-Ming, this is my first year as a principal. I look forward to your support and feedback. Sincerely, Alice Wang, Principal

New Family Welcome & Orientation Zoom will be held online on Saturday, 9/19 at 10 am. Parents of new families should plan to attend. Current parents are also welcomed. Join Zoom Meeting
(Meeting ID: 861 2602 4313 Passcode: LMCA)

If your child encounters technical difficulties during Chinese school, please contact your class technical support volunteer via the class social media application. If your problem remains, as the last resort you may email support@li-ming.org or text (240) 753-0535.

Language Class Academic Recital will begin on 11/8. Please check the schedules from this week’s Allhands below.


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