LM Allhands 5/19/2022

Final Exam is on Sunday 5/22.

Starting from 5/1, parents are again welcome to enter the building and stay in the cafeteria. Masks and social distance recommended.

P4, 12th Grade Commencement
Graduation ceremonies for P4 and 12th Grade last Sunday were well received. Thanks to all teachers, room parents, parents, volunteers, and 11th grade students for your assistance and support.

Click Album to view the photos of P4 graduation ceremony and performances.
Video can be found here

Click Album 1 | Album 2 to view the photos of 12th grade graduation ceremony.
Video can be found here

For the parents of new students, please submit the admission request. Please also share the LMCA short films edited by Yi-Hsin Yan (LMCA Short Film) with your friends and families. Please contact Ms. Janey Hsiao at 301-670-0956 (9 a.m. and 8 p.m.) for more information or questions.

2022 WMACS Summer Camps
The WMACS is offering a week-long overnight summer camp from 7/23-7/30 at Notre Dame of Maryland University (located in Baltimore, MD). Classes include a combination of folk sports, chorus, folk dance, modern dance, Chinese brush painting, arts and crafts, etc.   Enroll by 4/30 to get a discounted rate.  Click here for more details.

2022 Rho Psi Society Scholarship
2022 Rho Psi Society Scholarship Application is now open for interested Chinese youths residing in the Metropolitan Washington DC region. Please check www.RhoPsi.Org for details.

Recruiting Volunteers

2021-22 teachers and volunteers will receive awards for their 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5-year services as listed below:

25 Year Service Award:教務處 ─ 荊美光Mei-Kuang Cheng
20 Year Service Award:教務處 ─ 諶海雯Hai Wen Shen
15 Year Service Award:校務工作人員 ─ 王策諄Che-Chun Wang
10 Year Service Award ﹕教務處 ─葉靜臻Vivian Yeh、高宏Hong Kao、林章平Ping Lin Wu、黃薏萍Yi-Ping Huang;校務工作人員 ─ 劉維漢Wei-Han Liu、林文郁Wen-Yu Lin
5 Year Service Award ﹕校務工作人員 ─簡有正Yu-Cheng Chien、胡維彥Wei-Yen Hu、何柏康Henry Ho

LMCA needs a few volunteers to assist with the following positions.  If you are interested, please contact Principal Alice Wang at info@li-ming.org.

Facility Affair Division – Patrol Captain : Supervise student drop off traffic and campus safety

Facility Affair Division – Facility Coordinator : Coordinate the classroom usages with ICB

Principal Room – Controller

Curriculum & Instruction Division – Administrative Support:  Need 2-3 volunteers to help set up & break down computers and projectors in classrooms.

Secretariat Division – IT division– Webmaster

Secretariat Division – IT division– All Hands Newsletter


  • 5/22/22  Final Exam
  • 5/29/22 No School (The Memorial Day)
  • 6/5/22 The last day of the school
  • 6/12/22  The new student interviews, quizzes, and a drawing lots



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