LM Allhands 2/8/2018

{:tw}黎明週訊 2/8/2018{:}{:en}LM Allhands 2/8/2018{:}

Spring extracurricular activities have started. Students will receive $5 discount per class if registered and paid in full no later than 2/18.  Please check LM website for details.

Spring Academic recitals for Zhu-Yin and above grade classes will start from 3/25. Please check “Classroom Activities” in  this week’s allhands for dates/times and locations.

Please encourage your child to participate in the Speech Contest. Age-group selection will take place after school on 3/4. To register, please contact Ms. Mei Chen: chenlaoshioui@gmail.com.

National Preparation Test for SAT II Subject Mock Test in Chinese will be held on 3/4. Please contact Mr. Jesse Taur if you need to have a make-up test.

2018 Rho Psi Society Scholarships are available to apply now. Application deadline for each scholarship is different. Please check http://rhopsi.org/rho-psi-scholarships/overview/ for details.

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