LM Allhands 1/27/2022

Spring Semester Starts

If you haven’t paid the tuition for Spring semester, please complete the Spring semester registration by 1/30.

The 2022 Chinese New Year is on 2/1. 2022 is a year of Tiger. Happy New Year!

Corona Virus Special Communication Section

LMCA will continue distance virtual learning for the next two sessions of Spring semester (1/30 and 2/6).  If the COVID-19 positive cases are improving for the next two week, LMCA will go back to school on 2/13.

No Extracurricular Activities in Spring 2022

2022 Rho Psi Society Scholarship Application is now open for interested Chinese youths residing in the Metropolitan Washington DC region. Please check www.RhoPsi.Org for details.

2022  Rho Psi Society Youth Leadership and Service Award
Applicant Qualification: Currently enrolled junior or senior in high school in the Greater Washington area
Application Deadline: 03/16/2022,(postmarked)。
2022 Rho Psi Society Youth Leadership and Service Award

2022 WMACS YoYo Festival
2022/3/19 1-4pm @OCAC 901 Wind River Lane, Gaithersburg, MD


  • 1/30/22 Sunday Spring Semester Starts, Virtual Class
  • 2/6/22  Sunday Virtual Class
  • 2/13/22 School-wide Literacy Contest Information Session (3rd grade and up)
  • 2/27/22 School-wide Speech Contest (1st grade and up)
  • 3/6/22  Chinese AP Practice Test, 8-10th, School-wide Literacy Contest (3rd grade and up)



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