LM Allhands 10/06/2022

10/9 CLASS PICTURE DAY (Please arrive on time & dress appropriately; Li-Ming T-Shirt is not necessary).

(Parent/Teacher Conference)

10:00 ~ 10:45 a.m. 注音班 Zhu-Yi (Rm 215)
10:50 ~ 11:35 a.m. 六班 6th Grade (Rm 215)

Room Parents Meeting – 10/9 10:10am at Room 213

LMCA provides lunch ordering service 
This school year, John Wu will manage the lunch ordering service starting. If you’re interested in helping with lunch orders, please get in touch with John Wu <johnhighway@gmail.com>.

SGA Election
Please encourage your 8th to 12th grade child to participate in the SGA. Please contact SGA Vice Principal, Jack Wan shihkang.wan@gmail.com for questions and suggestions. Public presentation meeting and election will be held on 10/9.

Extracurricular Activities

This Sunday is the last day for extracurricular activity registration. Please sign up by 10/9 to keep your favorite classes going. Please refer to Extracurricular Activities section for detailed information.

On October 9th, the Beginners Chinese Tutoring class will be suspended for one day because the teacher asks for leave.

Line dancing and Zumba classes are held in the dance studio in the basement. Parents who are interested in participating or trying out the course, please go from the stairs next to the cafeteria to the basement and go straight until the end, the dance studio is on your left.

Starting October 2, all events at Gym 2 will be temporarily rescheduled to Gym 1 until further notice.

Student badminton class will be started on this coming Sunday (10/9)


Please verify your family information and make sure the email is correct for future communications from class and school. Please email to info@li-ming.org for any updates.


  • 10/9 Sunday
  • First Teachers’ Meeting
    Class Picture
    Room Parents Meeting – 10:10am Room 213
  • 10/16 Sunday
    Class as Usual
  • 10/23 Sunday
    [10/22 Sat. 10:00 a.m. 打字比賽]
    Open House
  • 10/30 Sunday
    Class as Usual
  • 11/6 Sunday
    nd of Daylight Saving Time, fall back 1 hour
    K, 1st thru 4th Grades Nursery Rhymes Recital
  • 11/13 Sunday
    5th thru 7th Grades Academic Recital
  • 11/20 Sunday
    8th thru 12th Grades Academic Recital



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