LM Allhands 6/08/2017

{:tw}黎明週訊 6/08/2017{:}{:en}LM Allhands 6/08/2017{:}

The 2016-2017 School Year has ended.  We hope everyone has a great summer vacation.

LMPA will host a family barbecue event on 6/11 (11:30 am – 2:00 pm) at Seneca Creek State Park, Blue Jay Picnic Shelter (11950 Clopper Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878) to show our appreciation to the teachers and volunteers for their dedication and hard work this school year. This event is free for all LM families and all are welcome. Please check LMCA website for details.

Please click the URL below to access video recordings on LMCA YouTube channel and photos for end-of-year ceremony, awards, speech demonstrations and extracurricular activity performance on 6/4.

If you are interested in camping, please come join LMCA families 8/18-8/20. Please contact Steve Chen 240-401-1000 (C) or check LMCA website for details.

There will be free Tai Chi Practice during the summer taught by Julian Chu.  Please check LMCA website for more details.


Download Allhands (PDF)

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