LM Allhands 3/15/2018

{:tw}黎明週訊 3/15/2018{:}{:en}LM Allhands 3/15/2018{:}

Fire Drill will be held this Sunday (3/18).

Photos of Schoolwide Speech Contest on 3/11 can be downloaded here.  Thanks to the parents and Ms. Mei Chen for their dedicated support to our wonderful students.

An Appreciation Luncheon hosted by the Extracurricular Activities Division for the libraries/mall Chinese New Year performers will be held this Sunday (3/18).  Student Service Learning (SSL) hour forms will also be distributed at that time. For student performers, please bring your luncheon voucher to exchange for a lunch box. Choices are chicken or pork; selection is first-come, first-serve. Please contact your program leader if you didn’t receive the voucher. For parent performers/teachers/ program leaders, please join us after the students get their lunches.

The Li-Ming Chinese Academy (LMCA) will hold an admission information session on 4/29 at 10:30 am.  The parents of new students are required to attend this information meeting before they submit the admission request (postmarked no later than 5/27). Please check LMCA website and contact Ms. Janey Hsiao at 301-670-0956 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. for more information or questions.

Chinese Vocabulary Competition for Chinese Schools in the Greater Washington DC region will be held on 5/12 (Saturday) at TECRO. The schoolwide contest is 3/25 and the last day for registration is 3/18.  The times for competitions on 3/18 are Elementary School group at 12:40 pm, Middle School group at 1:10 pm and High School group at 1:40 pm. There will be one practice exercise on 3/18 from 12:40 pm to 1:30 pm at Room 232.  4th to 12th grade students are encouraged to participate.  For questions, please email Yiwen Chen at yiwen.chen@verizen.net.

Chinese Network Educational Seed Teachers’ Association (Chinese NESTA) will hold “2018 Chinese Karaoke Film Contest”. The films are required to uploaded online and YouTube link must be received by 11:59 pm, April 29, 2018.  Online Voting will be between May 2, 2018 and May 8, 2018. Please check out the Chinese NESTA website below for details.
Chinese NESTA Website | Chinese Karaoke Contest Registration Form

LMPA will start providing new breakfast options this Sunday: Rice Rolls, Egg Crepes, Soybean Milks and Pork Steamed Buns.  Please stop by LMPA front desk to purchase.

Li-Ming Spirit Wear- Show your school spirit by wearing Li-Ming T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats! T-shirts and Sweatshirts come in different sizes for Children and Adults.  T-shirts are $10 – Adults XXL are $12. Sweatshirts are $20 and Hat $8.  Orders can be placed here.

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