LM Allhands 2/14/2019

{:tw}黎明週訊 2/14/2019{:}{:en}LM Allhands 2/14/2019{:}

This Sunday will be the last day to register spring extracurricular activities. Please check “Registration for Extracurricular Activities” section or LM website for details.

The special information meeting “The Reform of 2019-2020 LMCA Bilingual Program” was held this past Sunday 1/27.For additional information, please visit LMCA website. Please continue to provide your feedback and concerns.

New excurricular class “Self Defense” will open for parents in 2018-2019 school year:http://li-ming.org/wp-content/uploads/Intro_Self_Defense_02052019.pdf

Spring Academic recitals for Zhu-Yin and above grade classes will start from 3/24. Please check “Classroom Activities” section in this week’s allhands for dates/times and locations.

National Preparation Test for SAT II Subject Mock Test in Chinese will be held on 3/3. Please contact Mr. Jesse Taur if you need to have a make-up test.

Chinese Vocabulary Competition will be held on 5/11 at TECRO. An information meeting will be held this Sunday (2/17) at 10:15 am in Room 232.  The schoolwide competition is 3/10.  4th to 12th grade students are encouraged to participate.  For questions, please email Yiwen Chen at yiwen.chen@verizen.net.

SGA will hold an eggroll sale this Sunday (2/17); please stop by SGA front desk to pre-order.

2019 Rho Psi Society Scholarships including Science & Technology, Leadership & Service, Arts, Sports and Need-Based Scholarship programs are available for apply now. Application deadline for each scholarship is different. Please check http://rhopsi.org/rho-psi-scholarships/overview/ for details.

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