LM Allhands 02/11/2021

{:tw}黎明週訊 02/11/2021{:}{:en}LM Allhands 02/11/2021{:}

This Sunday (2/14) please dress in Chinese traditional clothing to celebrate Lunar New Year. Due to COVID-19 epidemic this year, although we were unable to celebrate Chinese New Year together at school; the Principal, Director of Curriculum and the Chairman of Trustees have prepared New Year greetings, as well as a collection of Chinese New Year activities from previous years for everyone to enjoy. We wish all LMCA colleagues, parents, and students as strong as “Ox”, the energy of the “Ox” turns everything into a great fortune in the coming new year.

The schoolwide Literacy Contest will be held on 3/7 and 3rd to 12th grade students are encouraged to participate.  For questions, please email Yiwen Chen at yiwenchen@verizon.net.

8th to 10th grade students will participate National Preparation Test for AP Chinese Language and Culture on 3/28, please contact your teacher for details.

2021 Rho Psi Society Scholarship Application is now open for interested Chinese youths residing in the Metropolitan Washington DC region. The application deadline is Sunday 2/14/2021. Please check this link for details.


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