LM Allhands 1/31/2019

{:tw}黎明週訊 1/31/2019{:}{:en}LM Allhands 1/31/2019{:}

The special information meeting “The Reform of 2019-2020 LMCA Bilingual Program” was held this past Sunday 1/27. For additional information, please visit LMCA website. Please continue to provide your feedback and concerns.

This Sunday will be the last day for spring registration. Those who have not registered for spring semester please submit your tuition or send it to Yiching Lee (703-865-7986) at front desk this Sunday.

Registration for spring extracurricular activities will start this Saturday (2/2). Classes will begin on 2/3 and the deadline for registration is 2/17. Detailed Extracurricular activity schedules and online registration process will be sent to you through email this Friday. For questions, please contact Michael Ma (cma10937@yahoo.com or 240-372-3854).

Schoolwide Speech Contest will be held on 3/3. The available time slots for students to practice their speech will be posted this Sunday. Please sign up ASAP to ensure your spots. For questions, please contact Ms. Christine Yeh (chris_yehbien@hotmail.com).

2019 Rho Psi Society Scholarships including Science & Technology, Leadership & Service, Arts, Sports and Need-Based Scholarship programs are available for apply now. Application deadline for each scholarship is different. Please check http://rhopsi.org/rho-psi-scholarships/overview/ for details.

Except in certain unforeseen circumstances, LMCA will follow MCPS closing decisions for community activities to determine if school closes. LMCA will announce its school closure as early as 8:30 am and broadcast to all LM families. If there is no closing information on the MCPS website, LMCA will not contact LM families. https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/cupf/info-cupf/emergency.html. Please also check Li-Ming website (www.li-ming.org) about school closure announcement.

Please see schedules below for 2019 Lunar New Year Performances.

  • Germantown Library: Feb. 2 (Sat) 2 pm
  • Gaithersburg Library: Feb. 9 (Sat) 2 pm
  • Lakeforest Mall: Feb. 10 (Sun) 4 pm
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