LM Allhands 1/3/2019

{:tw}黎明週訊 1/3/2019{:}{:en}LM Allhands 1/3/2019{:}

Happy New Year!  This Sunday (1/6) will be the last day for extracurricular activities for this semester.

Registration for spring semester will start on 1/6. Those who have not registered for spring semester will receive registration form via mail. Please submit your tuition or send it to Yiching Lee (703-865-7986) at front desk no later than 2/3.

Photos from LMCA Holiday Luncheon and Party (12/16) can be downloaded from the following URLs.
Photo Album1 | Photo Album2 | Photo Album3

2019 Rho Psi Society Youth Leadership and Service Award application deadline is 3/21/2019. Please check this link for details.

Please encourage your child to participate in the Speech Contest. Information meeting will be held on 1/6 (12:45 pm at Rm 232). To register, please contact Ms. Mei Chen: chenlaoshioui@gmail.com.

Please see schedules below for 2019 Lunar New Year Performances.

  • Germantown Library: Feb. 2 (Sat) 2 pm
  • Gaithersburg Library: Feb. 9 (Sat) 2 pm
  • Lakeforest Mall: Feb. 10 (Sun) 4 pm
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