Guidelines for Li-Ming Chinese Academy Room Parents

Guidelines for Li-Ming Chinese Academy Room Parents

I. 連絡事宜

(1) 建立班級連絡網名單(除了家電外,另可包括公電或e-mail地址)。最好能測試連絡網一次。

(2) 通知停課和活動須知。



II. 協助老師 



III. 聯誼活動





IV. 其他職責


V. 注意事項







I. Maintain Class Contact

(1) Establish a class communication tree. In addition to home phone#, office phone# or e-mail address can also be included. Test once to ensure the effectiveness of the communication tree.

(2) Inform parents of school closings and activities.

(3) Room parent emails to other class members should be restricted to class business only.

(4) Please refrain from sending messages which would bring up personal events or issues (including but not limited to baby showers, birthday parties, personal feelings, hear-says, etc., or unverified warnings either related or unrelated to the Li-Ming school business).

II. Provide Assistance to the Teacher

(1) Respect the teacher’s decisions and provide assistance when requested by the teacher.

(2) When requested by the teacher, coordinate with parents to help with teacher assignments.

III. Organize Class’ Social Activities

(1) Plan after school class social activities. This includes frequency, timing, location, nature, and agenda for the activities.

(2) Ask parents and students to get involved and help you out as much as possible.

(3) Contact facility coordinator to make reservations if school facility is needed.

(4) (Optional) Write a report for school’s web site. Provide photos or digital pictures if available.

IV. Other Tasks

(1) Inform and coordinate with parents to select the room parent(s) for the next school year, and give the name(s) to Class Parent Coordinator.

V. Miscellaneous Items

(1) Attend room parent meetings three times a school year: in the beginning, the middle and the end of the school year.

(2) Make use of 5 to 10 minutes before or after the teacher-parents meeting to inquire feedback and needs from all parents. May consider discussing with all parents to collect activity fee as needed.

(3) Pay attention to activities held by other classes. Co-host activities with other classes if appropriate.

(4) It’s recommended that you do not take initiatives to collect money from all parents to buy gifts for the teacher.

(5) Class’ social activities are not part of Li-Ming Chinese Academy school activities. If parents have concerns, please download a copy of the Field Trip Permission Slip and modify it to suit your needs.

(6) Inform Class Parent Coordinator for any problems you have.