Other Courses

Other Courses

針織課 (Knitting)

針織是利用織針把各種原料和品種的紗線構成線, 再經串套連接成針織物的工藝過程.

諶海雯 老師


Knitting is the name of the craft that involves two needles and yarn or thread. Loops in the yarn are manipulated with the needles to make a knitted fabric.

Hai Wen Shen


本課程提供給對中國文化和語言感興趣的黎明父母。 這是針對初學者的中文入門課程,包括注音和日常表達的介紹。

周雅玲 老師
陳怡文 老師

Beginner Chinese Tutoring

This course is offered to Li-Ming Parents who are interested in Chinese culture and language. This is an introductory Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions.

Daphne Chou
Yiwen Chen (Liu)

青少年領䄂計劃(Youth Leadership Program)

Toastmasters International’s Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders for young people under 18.

At each session, participants learn:

  • Speech preparation and presentation
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Effective listening skills
  • How to evaluate and offer helpful advice
  • Participate in and lead group discussions or meetings

Teacher: Kevin Chen, a Li-Ming alumnus, graduated from UMBC with a degree in both sociology and political science in 2014. He gained a lot and deeply appreciated the Li-Ming’s Toastmasters Leadership program then. Kevin would like to lead the program and to share the benefits that he has received throughout the years.