2020-21 Distance Learning Announcement FAQs

2020-21 遠距教學

  • 遠距教學的原因
  • 學費調整的考量
    雖然黎明在下學年秋季可以暫時不用支付校舍租金,但是在過去的三年裡,蒙郡校舍租金的持續升幅超過學校每年學費的收入,老師的薪資仍然是學校主要的花費支出。 有關其他調整學費的考量, 請參閱「有關學費不變的重要信息」。自COVID-19疫情於三月爆發後,春季幾個月的遠距教學,給所有中文學校帶來了各種新的挑戰。為了因應改變需求,黎明教務處全面調整教學模式。從六月底起,師長們犧牲暑假休息,舉辦了長達六週的線上教師培訓。除了協助老師們熟悉各種線上平台的運用,修訂教學課程外,校方更提供了相關軟體與硬體教學資源的升級,及教材電子化的設計。有關老師培訓的相關訊息可以參閱華府新聞日報。基於以上各種因素以及黎明永續經營之考量,下學年之學雜費將維持不變。註冊詳情請參閱註冊公告
  • 校址遷移的計畫
    校址遷移計畫不會有變動, 黎明中文學校的新校址為Silver Creek Middle School, 3701 Saul Rd, Kensington, MD 20895 詳情請參閱校址遷移公告
  • 2020-21 遠距教學注意事項
  1. 2020-21秋季開學日為9/13/2020 (勞工節後的第一個星期天)
  2. 2020-21秋季所有課外活動課程將停止
  3. 2020-21 學年註冊截止日期仍為8/23,請務必在截止日期前繳交全額學雜費,逾期將不保留該生學籍。還未繳交學費的家庭,請儘早完成繳費以利學校作業。
  4. 在8/23之後欲復學之舊生,本校將依據「語文部學生須知」、「招生注意事項」,在不超過各班最高招收人數之下,經評鑑後重新辦理註冊手續,詳情請參閱註冊公告
  5. 由於註冊截止日延期, 凡於8/23-9/12之間申請退學者,扣減手續費$30,如開學後欲辦理退學者,請參照「語文部學生須知」。

2020-21 Distance Learning

  • Distance Learning Background
    Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has announced that school facilities will not be rented out to community groups before the beginning of the spring of 2021. Therefore, the 2020-21 Fall Session of the Li-Ming Chinese Academy will adopt virtual distance learning.
  • Tuitions Adjustment Considerations
    Although LMCA will receive a temporary financial relief by not paying school rent in the fall of the next school year;  in the past three years, the continuous rent increase in MCPS has exceeded the school’s annual tuition income, and teacher salaries are still the main expenditure of the LMCA.  For additional information, please see the “Important message about unchanged tuition”.For the past several months, distance learning has presented many difficult challenges for our school. To meet these challenges, the Li-Ming Academic Affairs team has worked hard to overhaul our teaching approach. Our teachers have sacrificed their own time to participate in a six-week-long training, revised the teaching curriculum and materials and became familiar with various online teaching platforms. In addition, Li-Ming has provided upgrades of related software and hardware resources.  For additional information regarding teacher trainings, please see Washington Chinese Daily News.Based on the cause above and the consideration of long-term continuous operation, the tuition and fees for the next school year will remain unchanged. For registration details, please see Registration Announcement.
  • 2020-21 LMCA Relocation
    There will be no changes to the school relocation plan. Staying at Julius West is our preferred option, but it is no longer feasible, and we need to move. The LMCA’s new address will be Silver Creek Middle School, 3701 Saul Rd, Kensington, MD 20895. Of all the options we reviewed, Silver Creek is the best option for our school in the long run. It is a relatively new school and they have been very cooperative in working with us.  For relocation details, please refer to the LMCA Relocation Announcement.
  • 2020-21 Distance Learning Critical Dates and Other Information
  1. First day of school 2020-21, Fall semester will be 9/13 (first Sunday after Labor Day).
  2. There will be no extracurricular classes during the 2020-21 Fall semester.
  3. The extended deadline for 2020-21 registration is still 8/23. Please complete registration and make payment before the deadline in order to secure a space in class.  We hope families will complete registration promptly to allow the process to work smoothly.
  4. For returning students who register after 8/23, Li-Ming will process the “new” registration request after the full student evaluation according to the guidelines published in Language Classes General Information, Admission Information, and class size considerations. For registration details, please see Registration Announcement .
  5. Withdrawal requests received between 8/24 and 9/13 will incur a $30 administration charge. Any withdrawal requests received after the start of semester will be handled according to the Withdrawal and Refund guidelines published in “Language Classes General Information”.